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 51, via Baracchi, Rimini 47923 Italia


 Home/office          +39 054 175 0970  

 cell:                       +39 348 226 6219





+39 0541750970








Bith date








Professional sectors

m.d., public health expert (spec),

orthopedic surgeon (spec)



Professional experiences





Job positions

Main tasks


2014 Febraury- Economisti Associati, Bologna: senior consultant on EU Public Health & consumer directorate; evaluation of ECDC (European Center for Diseases Control) main activities about surveillance on salmonella, HIV and Flu outbreaks.


2014 January- today CMC, Ravenna: senior consultant for hospital management and main hospital services features


   2011- today: Dedalus International Development Senior Consultant (Dedalus is an ICT company fully    devoted to healthcare solutions)


2010/2014 (19,5 months) Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the implementation of a monitoring  and evaluation project on a HIV/ AIDS vaccine trial (phase 2) in South Africa.







2012- gen.,feb.: EU Public Health – Contract N° SANCO/2008/01/055 Lot 1- Specific Contract: Study to measure the implementation of EU health policies at national, regional and local levels, assessing the utility of existing indicators for this task and developing new indicators as necessary 2010 (4,5 months: 07/04/2010- 08/05/2010; 28/06/2010 - 07/08/2010; 21/09/2010 -20/11/2010)

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning management of health sector projects (rehab. of health strictures, education and emergency services planning; monitoring and evaluation of Italian NGOs projects  activtites funded by MFA in Albania


2009 (26 dd., 29/08/2009 - 23/09/2009)

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the identification, the planning and budgeting of a University of medicine project based on the rehabilitation of structures, equipment and procedures of a regional office in the central region and Hue town,  in Vietnam


2009. (10 dd., 22/05/2009 - 31/05/2009)

Esperto, in mission breve in Yemen per il Ministero Affari Esteri / Cooperazione Italiana allo Sviluppo con compiti di individuazione, pianificazione e budgeting di un progetto di PHC finanziato dal Governo italiano, nell’ambito del rinforzo del programma nazionale di PHC avvio di un sistema di banche del sangue


2009 (3,5 months in 3 missions 14/03/2009-11/04/2009, 24/06/2009-07/08/2009, 01/11/2009 -06/12/2009)  

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the implementation of a monitoring  and evaluation project on a HIV/ AIDS vaccine trial (phase 2) in South Africa



2008 (1,5 months; 27/10/2008 - 06/12/2008 )

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the term of reference for a training program and a master plan development in a program of major renovation of the mother and child country terziary hospital in Ulaaanbaatar, in Mongolia


2004-2008 (40 months; 19/04/2004-29/07/2004, 21/08/2004-30/06/2007, 04/11/2007- 15/12/2007, 09/04/2008 - 30/05/2008, 11/07/2008- 22/08/2008)

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the implementation of a training program in the health information system management  in the Guateng and Mpumalanga provinces and at national MoH in South Africa


2003 (2,5 months; 06/10/2003 - 20/12/2003)

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the implementation of a training program in the health information system management  in the Guateng province and at national MoH in South Africa


2003. (9 dd., 24/06/2003 - 28/06/2003; 09/08/2003 - 12/08/2003)

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the identification, the planning and budgeting of a Rehabilitiaion center in Bengasi project based and on the developing of the national rehab network with primary health and hospital facilities integration in Libia.


2002 (9 dd., 21/10/2002       - 30/10/2002)

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the identification, the planning and budgeting of a Telemedicine project based on the developing of the national first network and the liaisons with the international ones, in Tunisia


2002 (13 dd., 31/08/2002 -12/09/2002 )

Italian Cooperation for Development with duties concerning the identification, the planning and budgeting of a PHC project based on the sector wide approach with aims of supporting the national district health system and the developing of the national school on health management, in Yemen (project in collaboration  with the WB)


2002  (15 dd., 22/01/2002-05/02/2002)

External Valuation for Italian Cooperation for Development  on a Health Sector Project in Mozambique managed by a NGO on hygiene and sanitation with charges of valuation, re-planning and identification of the budget in next extension of project., in Mozambique)


  October 2000       

Italian Co-operation for Development expert at local MoH  identifying health programs to be supported and implemented concerning the MoH MIS (management of information system)


2000 Jan-2001Sept             

Consultant for World Bank / IBRD on the Health Sector Development Project in West Bank and Gaza with charges of “quality assurance and improvement specialist” and duties to follow up and to support the local administration steps toward a comprehensive quality control system


1996 April

Italian Co-operation for Development expert in Swaziland identifying health programs to be supported and implemented in future co-operation activities of Italian government.


1990 Jul.-Sept.    

consultant with WHO/OMS  on the national AIDS Program management in Mozambique; evaluation of national programs and assistance in implementation of epidemiology survey based on targeting and checking groups with high rates of risk.


1989 Feb.-Jun.    

Italian Co-operation for Development expert in Eritrea for the meningitis outbreak and the displaced emergency management, in civil war situation; planning of Primary Health Care programs for communities affected by civil war and displaced and Asmara children health assistance; renewal of Adi Kaieh Hospital and Adi Quale Health Center.


1988 Sept.-Dec.  

Italian Co-operation for Development chief expert in Sudan mission for the flood health related emergencies aid; identification and projecting of 2 Primary Health Care programs in Ombdurman and in Kosti financed by the Italian Government.


1992-2009 CEO and senior partner with "Roberto Raggi & Associati" (formerly Deloitte & Touche Sanità, associated with Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group), consulting firm performing health economy studies, feasibility studies for health structures and services, audit programs for local and regional health authorities, programming and evaluation of Primary Health Care and Hospital Care & Management projects;                - planner and executive manager of jobs performed by firm in the named fields;   - speaker in many workshops organized by the firm and in national and European level meetings on health services perspectives and management tools for health care services













Training center

1998 ISO 9001 Quality System Evaluation qualified auditor by AICQ (accredited Italian qualifying body)


1988-1993 University of Modena

Hygiene, Public Health and Hospital Management Specialization


1987-1987 March-July, University of Liverpool,

Diploma in Management of Primary Health Care


  1980-1985 University of Bologna

Specialization in Orthopedic Surgery,


1972-1979 University of Bologna

Degree in Medicine and Surgery



Personal Skills and Competences




Mother Language





English, French,  Portuguese










Interazione orale

Produzione orale














Portoguese, French













(*) Quadro comune europeo di riferimento per le lingue



Membership of Professional Bodies

Since 1999 member of ISQua International Society for Quality in Healthcare

Since 2001 member of EUPHA European Public Health Association

   Since 1999 member of the ONG “Cittadinanza” operating about mental health and poverty





Key qualifications:

health project planning and managing,   

quality assurance, health economics, information  technology in healthcare



Other skills (e.g. computer literacy, etc.):

good computer tools knowledge with specific knowledge about healthcare management tools and patient health recording tools



                                                 Driving Licenses


Publications and conferences speeches

  Licences types A (motorbikes) & B (cars)


An article on “Investments for medical equipment in a mother and child health hospital: correlation with level of services/departments” The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, 2010; Early Online, 1–5


a letter to the Editor of British Medical Journal (#318 del 19.6.1999) about “strategies in formulating waiting lists”


a  book on  "Quality and job safety in healthcare services" Maggioli publisher, 1998.                                   


an article on “economic analysis in healthcare”, (“QA” #1, 1992).


a poster on “internal marketing as a tool for nursing staff management”, (poster at Joint Commission convention, Giugno 1992, Washington DC, USA).


an article on  "willingness to pay analysis" (offset internal document , Deloitte & Touche, 1994).


an article on “Cost benefit analysis in evaluation of drugs and products for health” (offset internal document, Deloitte & Touche 1995).


a booklet on  “re-engineering after new law DLgs 502/517: how to manage change for private hospitals” (offset, Deloitte & Touche Sanità ,1996); the booklet has been distributed to all italian private hospital association (AIOP) members by AIOP at its congress in 1996.


an article on “microwaves and their effects on agar for microbacterial colture” (Tecnica sanitaria, XXX, 1992)


a poster on “Microwaves action on Mycobacterium bovis” (poster at congress OSAP on Infection Control, Denver USA 1992).


an article on “Equisetum Arvensis in ostheo-rheumatic diseases” (Hospital management #97, 1991)


an article on “Disinfection: theory and practice” (Attualità dentale #35, 1991)


an article on “Analysis at electronic microscope on microwaves effects on Bacillus Subtilis” (ATTI Ie giornate nazionali di studio di IGIENE OSPEDALIERA, 1991)


an article on “microwaves as a new tool for sterilisation” (Attualità dentale #17 1991)


an article on“osthetomy of tibia” (La chirurgia degli organi di movimento, LXV, fasc V, 1983)


an article on “ostheotomy with techniques of Scaglietti and Southwick Imhauser in head of femur epiphisiolisis” (La chirurgia degli organi di movimento, LXV, fasc III, 1983)


  an article “gluteal fibrosis” (La chirurgia degli organi di movimento, LXV, fasc II, 1982)


an article on “anatomy, physiology e biological mechanics of cervical spine” (in  the book “Traumi vertebro midollari: terapia chirurgica e riabilitativa, Masson pub., 1981


Congresses and conferences


- Economics of epatite A: speech at Congress of Sanità Pubblica, Fiuggi, Novembre 1993.


- Economics of BPCO: speech at Congress of Società Europea Malattie Respiratorie, Firenze Settembre 1993.  


- Il Budget and payment trough DRGs: leadership of workshop for NHS and Regione Lombardia managers c/o TELOS/CERGOS, Ottobre 1994.


- The new model of hospital cases reimbursement, leadership workshop for ASL 1 managers, Napoli, Ospedale degli Incurabili, Febbraio 1995.


SSPA, Caserta, Ottobre 1995


- Economic of utilization of patient micro-chip and laser card; speech at Congress nazionale su esperienze locali e regionali nell’uso di carte sanitarie informatizzate (health card), Giugno 1995.


- Cost cointainment and patient card,  speech at Congress ”La carta del cittadino su carta laser”,

SSPA, Caserta, Ottobre 1995


- Benchmarking as a tool to improve  in healthcare services : l'esperienza Deloitte & Touche", speech at Congress "Il benchmarking in Sanità", LUISS, Roma, Maggio 1996


- "Future scenario in utilization of health cards", speech at Congress at Ministero della Sanità, Roma, Maggio 1996


- "Quality certification in healthcare", speech at  international Congress at centro studi Pio Manzù, Rimini, Ottobre 1996.


-"Accreditation for ambulatory care", speech at workshop of AIOP regione Lazio, Roma, Aprile 1997.


-”Quality as a tool and a target in planning ambulatory care booking”, speech at V national Congress of Assoquality on La Qualità nella Sanità, Milano, Ottobre 1998


-”International models in accreditation of academic organizations in healthcare” speech at workshop organized by GSISR on Accreditamento e qualità delle strutture sanitarie, Milano 9.11.1999


-“Benchmarks in booking and prioritization in healthcare services”, speech at Congress of CEGOS on Booking Centers in healthcare, Milano, 21.03.2000


-“Perspectives in utilization of Internet in healthcare: a debate on experiences”

Chairman of the workshop, 26,27 September 2001, Rome


- “Italian Cooperation experience in supporting Health Information Systems in South Africa”, academic workshop speaker, Witswateraand University, Johannesburg, 07.04.2006


-”Italian and international models in quality systems and accreditation in healthcare” workshop speaker, Ragusa ASP (Sicily) 04.05.2012


-“Italian experience in information and communication technology in healthcare”, workshop speaker at launch of Research and Study Center TICSA; Universidad ISalud, Buenos Aires, 22.06.2012



Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Piazzale della Farnesina 1, Rome, 00121

+39 06 3691 1, director general 2008 / 2013  at DG for Development Cooperation Elisabetta Belloni  and the UTC expert

UNIDO Office Vienna

il direttore Stefano Bologna

World Bank, Washington DC

Akiko Maeda, chief health economist

Economisti Associati, via Rialto 9, 40120 Bologna

+39 051 656 9606; CEO & partner Roberto Zavatta